“Learning and innovation go hand
in hand. The arrogance of success
is to think that what you did
yesterday will be sufficient for
William Pollard

With an experienced team of IT professionals, developers and operators, we deliver web enabled solutions, including BYOD based Apps supporting users in over 200 countries. We are constantly investigating new technologies and delivery methodologies to ensure fresh and engaging user experience.


By approaching business challenges as individual process flows and activities and by applying appropriate technologies at the point of activity, we drive digitalization with immediate benefits and without the need for large change programs.


We design and manage practical, intuitive and user-friendly web interfaces allowing time-saving and process improvement. Combining this with intelligent data capture and reporting solutions ensures our clients understand their usage and changing needs and operate reliable and easily managed tools.

Event Support Solutions

We have a range of solutions which can be used to enhance corporate events. This ranges from conference management web and App solutions to highly flexible evening event solutions e.g. team quizzes.

Budgeting Solutions

Predictability of business costs is a permanent challenge. Indigo has devised a budgeting and reforecasting solution for training of up to 75,000 people across 220+ countries, which has transformed the budgeting process.

Research and Development

We employ people who are passionate about technology and web and mobile solutions. We encourage all our team members to pursue their personal IT interests and then to bring their knowledge, experience and ideas to the challenges presented to us by our customers. Indigo invests to allow individuals to play with technologies and devise new and innovative solutions that might be applied within our products and solutions portfolio.

Mobile Apps

Bringing on-line and off-line solutions to the hands of those performing actions and learning on-the-go, we directly address the needs of "now" and "where I am". Understanding user behaviours allows us to build strategic solutions that will engage users over time and ensure active and enthusiastic usage as well as return on investment.


Our mix of youth and experience, the range of skills in our team and the challenges of our clients provide us with the opportunity to share ideas and to come up with innovative solutions blending technology, engaging UX and practical business benefits.

Data Capture Solutions

Mapping business processes and data flows and bringing overall business knowledge to these, allows us to identify opportunities to design and apply mobile solutions to optimize the capture and use of data.

Consultancy and Facilitation

Our senior, experienced managers are effective catalysts for leadership teams to devise and implement their business, learning and technology strategies. Our broad experience across many business activity areas and our international experience allow us to add real value and diversity to management debate and direction-setting.

Workflows and Process Management

Understanding existing IT solutions and data flows allows us to map activities and 'event opportunities' to technological possibilities to enhance workflows and processes.

Brainstorming / Ideas Generation

Everybody in our team is involved in the development of potential solutions and in conceptual thinking. We firmly believe that our end product will always be the best if the people involved in developing and delivering it, are also involved in the ideas generation and in defining the solution.

Statistics and Reporting

Data, without well designed interrogation and access capability, delivers sub-optimal results. We understand the purpose of data being captured and the potential uses beyond those which might be immediately obvious. Applying our database architecture and UX interface expertise enhances the benefits to businesses of the data they have available and helps to identify gaps.

User Enablement

It is not unusual for issues and requirements, affecting people working 'at the coal face', to be lost within large organizations. At Indigo, we map business processes with direct interaction with people at all levels of the business to ensure we optimize the chance of finding improvement opportunities. Working with users and linking solutions to them and their feedback on a personal basis improves buy-in to change and enhances people's daily work experience.

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